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Zingt, album cover

This CD has been a long time coming. Several albums had been recorded by the JPPC through 1967, but none since then. In 2004, our conductor, Binyumen Schaechter, decided to search the JPPC’s current and past archives to select some of the best songs for a CD that would showcase the range of musical styles, moods and themes in our repertoire. We hope this selection of choral gems in “Zingt!” - most of which have not been recorded in a choral version before - will delight and inspire you as it has us.

Yiddish, Latin transcription, and full English translation is included with each CD.
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Track and Artist Listing

YIDISH / VASERL (Yiddish / Little Stream) - R. Schaechter / P. Teitelbaum
SHPAR ZIKH BESER ON IN MIR (Better That You Lean On Me) - R. Fishman / B. Schaechter
REB DOVIDL (Reb Dovidl) - F. Fuchs / Folk Melody
BA DI TAYKHN FUN BOVL (By the Rivers of Babylon) - Yehoyesh / B. Schaechter
SHOYSHANAS-YAAKOYV (The Lily of Jacob) - Folksong
MAYN YINGELE (My Little Boy) - M. Rosenfeld / Folk Melody
THE RICH AND THE POOR (based on “A Zemerl”) - Folksong / M. Goldman
BORUKH ATE (Blessed Art Thou) - A. Reisin / S. Golub
DEM ZEYDNS NIGN (Grandfather’s Melody) - S. Driz / J. Waletzky
NEM MIT UNDZER BENKEN (Take Our Yearning) - B. Schaechter-Gottesman / H. Medwedeff Greenberg
NISHKA (Notta) - Y. Kotler / J. Schaefer
DREMLEN FEYGL (Birds Are Drowsing) - L. Rudnitska / L. Yampolsky
S’VET ZIKH FUN TSVAYGL TSEBLIEN A BOYM (From the Branch a Tree Will Blossom) - K. Broydo / Y. Trupianski
MEYN NISHT (Don’t Think…) - I.L. Peretz / M. Gelbart
OYB NIT NOKH HEKHER (If Not Higher Still) - I.L. Peretz / I. Goldberg / M. Rauch

Binyumen Schaechter

Joel Caplan, Steve Sterner

Elizabeth Rodgers, Mitchell Vines


Muriel Beckerman
Judith Bro Pinhasik
Leigh Checkman
Sarah Failla
Irene Friedland
Dahlia Goldenberg
Jordana Miller
Blanche Pobiner
Claire Schaffer
Miryem-Khaye Seigel

Nan Bases
Edeet Rippin Bergman
Chaya Cohen
Janet Cohen
Jen Epstein
Joan Singer Frieman
Pearl Graiver
Ruth Katz
Shira Klapper
Vivian Levy
Lisa Rochman Mechanick
Sylvia Rabiner
Rukhl Schaechter
Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath
Yelena Shmulenson
Tracy Sivitz
Shirley Weiner

Henekh Carrey
Avrum Geller
Jack Grossman
Larry Lerner
Paul Olson
Dov Weinstock
Hy Wolfe

Jo Abrams
Leizer Burko
Daniel Checkman
Toby Garfinkel
Alice Kogan
Stuart Malkin
Daniel Reichwald
Johanna Reissman
Janet Scharf
Yael Zickel

Executive Producer – Binyumen Schaechter
Recording Engineer – Frederick Jacobsohn
Session Producer – Joshua Waletzky

Recorded in New York City, Spring 2005